Building Relationships – Try Twitter

Twitter is an amazing little world that is a great way to cultivate stronger relationships for both personal happiness as well as business success. I have hear a lot of comments that express ‘I just don’t get it’ or ‘Twitter doesn’t work for me’ and so I feel a calling to talk to people who feel that way. I’d like to go into a bit of detail about Twitter luv and what makes the Twitterverse go round.

Unfortunately though, there are some unscrupulous (or perhaps uneducated) users, who are not following social media etiquette and are therefore destroying their reputation and any chance of building solid relationships with their network.

(8) Integrate, integrate, integrate – that is, like with any other form of social media engagement, put it everywhere. How many times do people have to see something online before they take action? Seven? Nine? Then get your how to change your twitter handle out there. Use it in signature lines, on business cards and, heck, even write it on nametags.

There are some terminologies that are commonly used on Twitter but which some people, especially new tweeters, are not quite familiar with. Understanding these terminologies (vocabulary) will make tweeting a more pleasant experience; and they are very easy to learn.

People will be talking with you as well and you’ll need to respond. You’ll know they are talking to you by clicking the @YourTwitterName in the side side bar on your home page (under home). I am always so surprised by how many people don’t know this. Check this every time to sit down for Twitter session and reply to each person.

Trying to figure out what value change twitter handle would have for me was the real mystery. What did everyone have to tweet about. I did not understand shortening links, or the value of being limited to 140 characters. Until I thought about the following. One, limiting characters is like limiting words. It helps to be concise. Tweeting for me is like writing practice, doing what I hope and tell others to do.

Or on that same postcard, send them to a squeeze page on your website with a specific white paper or eBook in return for registering for your newsletter. Now you have proved your value with some educational material for your prospect, and you have gleaned their email address as well for ongoing marketing. Not a bad quid pro quo. I’m a big believer in the give-to-get mentality.

Constantly locate your very own path with all the social media niche. You will probably have plenty of competition and it really is your uniqueness that can bring inside the traffic. In case you follow the help and advice given in this article and have a great item to offer, that you are bound for good results. Social media is a great way to connect your business using the people across the world.