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Becoming mobile in today’s world is important. Whether it’s going to the kitchen or getting to work, mobility of some kind is important to get us there. There are numerous ways we can get from one place to another, but one viable option is with a scooter. Scooters are most often used by elderly people or those with health problems. Those who use a scooter range from all ages and all walks of life. Being on your feet on a consistent basis can be bad for the health because it is the support structure for your body. The elderly and those with health problems should take advantage of the scooter because it is an effective and easy way to get around. There are many Pride mobility scooters and mobile devices that can meet the needs of anyone who needs one.

Take shots from different angles. If the subject is low, get down onto the floor, it’s better than taking the photo from above. Use the macro function on your camera for great close up photos, capturing the finer details of your subject. These are great photos to take while on vacation, it creates intrigue to the viewer of your photos later, and tells a better story. If you are taking a picture of a large landmark or building with a person in the photo, have the person stand closer to the camera. This way they will appear larger in comparison to the structure. This makes for better photos, because you can see both the building and person.

The Intercontinental Hotels, most widely known for owning Holiday Inn, is pet-friendly. Our family سبانجا ومعشوقية with two large breed dogs — and boy-o-boy do I mean that. Roscoe is a 130 lb Rottie/hound mix and Ziggy is an 80 lb purebred Tibetan Chow Chow (larger than the Chinese Chow). Both of my babies give the Holiday Inn chain a four-paw rating.

Leroy, despite being the town drunk, decides that drinking will not solve his problems and decides to do something about his situation but not before he gives Mary Margaret a much needed pep talk mainly saying that she should enjoy the time time she had with David rather than regretting it.

This past weekend I was wanting to know what’s out on the RVing road, so that I could share it with you. My assistant, Laura, and I took a drive across the valley to Phoenix’s University of Phoenix Stadium (home of the Phoenix Cardinals), and spent some time walking around the RV Show put on by local RV dealership, La Mesa.

The law of 3’s is one rule not many people know about. By dividing your camera view of the picture you’d like to take into 3’s across and down so you end up with 9 squares through your view finder. Place the subject you wish to take a photo of covering 1/3 or 2/3 of your view. Don’t always look for symmetrical shots. You can create a more interesting photo if your subject or main focus is off to the side. When taking landscape shots use the law of 3’s going horizontally through the view finder. Have 1/3 foreground 2/3 background. Remembering this simple rule you’ll have great travel photos that are captivating.

There is a very important lesson in this story. There is always someone who is going to tell you what you can’t do because what you want doesn’t fit into the mold of who they think you are and if you listen to them, then you too will go from Dreamy to Grumpy. So keep dreaming those dreams and come back here next week for another Once Upon A Time recap.