Country Bathroom Vanities For Any Home

A Victorian theme can bring elegance and charm to your home this Christmas. Victorian decor is romantic, and very ornate. Victorian accent colors are usually gold, burgundy, mauve, sage green, silver and dusty blue. You will need to choose a color combination before you start decorating for your Victorian Christmas. To explain how to decorate for a Victorian Christmas, I have chosen the colors burgundy, mauve, and gold for my Victorian color theme.

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If you have the money, buy a four-poster bed with a canopy. If not, you could buy or make a lace or net canopy that hangs suspended from the ceiling, draping sensuously over the bed. Avoid at all costs, however, the complete feminization of the bedroom. Lacy pillows and gauzy materials may not be considered sensual by your partner.

Smell the Pillow: This only works if you have a scented pillow, one with insomnia herbal oil. To make your own herbal pillow, just herbal liquid incense oil, splash the oil onto a cloth or handkerchief, and then slide it inside your pillow. Make sure it’s a sleep inducing herbal oil!

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Each of these quick and easy Thanksgiving home decorating tips take only a few minutes to execute. Each tip helps create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. With this setting, you can relax and enjoy your company.