Home Buying Guide – Preparing The Documents Needed

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Sell your Frederick home to Monocacy Home Buyers and forget about having to repair or upgrade your property. We buy houses in “as is” condition. Due to the large number of foreclosures on the market and tough lending guidelines, today’s housing market is very competitive. The limited number of buyers in the market today have a large choice of properties to choose from at rock bottom prices. To make a property stand out it is usually necessary to make upgrades to the kitchen, appliances and bathrooms. This can be extremely expensive and when combined with makelaardij maastricht fees, can eat up all of the proceeds from the sale of your home. When selling your house to us you no longer have the added worry or expense of a costly upgrade or remodel project.

As for coins, the problem is that they are bought on very large premiums to the spot price, they are sold at substantial discounts to the spot price, and they leave you with all the domestic storage problems which wealthy people try to avoid. I keep six gold coins, three Sovereigns and three Liberties (I like the feel of the Liberty “Buffalo” best). I expect they’ll eventually be lost or stolen or I’ll have to leave them to someone when I die. But there’s a tiny chance they’ll be useful before then!

Many people are looking to buy a home because prices are at their low point. Also, there are many investors out there looking to buy your house in order to flip it and make a profit. Homes to them are just an investment opportunity, but they can get you out of your distressful situation.

(Q) Do you have any tax reporting requirements on a customers sale of gold….if tomorrow I sell a million dollars worth of BV gold, is that sale reported to the tax services?

One thing you mustn’t do when conducting an Open House is to transform yourself into a tour guide. You don’t have to walk your guests through every room in the house and opening doors and cupboards for them. Just greet them at the door, show them in and tell them that to just call you if they need anything. Let the buyers go around the house at their own pace and at their own leisure. They would feel more comfortable and your absence would give them the privacy to discuss the pros (and cons) of your house freely.

Before YOU rush out to buy your dream home in or around Sarasota, find a proven real estate agent (you trust) who knows what to look for in distressed properties and how to help you get the best opportunity (i.e. house and price). You certainly do NOT want to buy into a neighborhood that drops in value when half the owners lose their jobs & are forced to sell short.