How Much Of God Do You Want? Part Iii

11. The Origin of the Bible by Comfort, Packer, Bruce, and Henry: Get a grip on how the Bible was formed and what it means for it to be “infallible”; Canon and Criticism, all wrapped up in a series of fabulous essays.

Likewise, morally speaking, we cannot call someone good — or bad — and we cannot judge some action right – or wrong — without having some sort of standard to judge by. What is the standard that informs us what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong? Where does Christian apologetics this standard come from? What obligation do we have to obey or adhere to this standard — why not simply ignore it? This is called the “grounding question”. It asks the question what is the basis for determining what is good? Furthermore, for this standard to hold any value and have any authority it must be objective and outside of us. Anything else is simply our preferences.

In this period of time, you may have had children. They change your schedules. This contributes to tiredness, sometimes worry, and usually adds some measure of stress. You may love your children dearly, but they clearly do bring changes to any marriage.

Lewis had a truly unbelievable photographic memory, easily quoting pages from books that someone happened to mention. This gift was obviously a very great help to his studies, writing, lectures, etc.

During the conference, there are uplifting testimonies from people in attendance. There is also a session where you get ministered to. This is an opportunity to get your spiritual nourishment in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. The worship event is an excellent place to make friends. There are so many people who go for these concerts. If you want to have Christian apologetics friends who will have a positive influence on your life, then this is the place to go.

In the worlds eyes John was just a disheveled old prophet hanging out in animal skins and eating bugs while he pounded on the conscience of everyone from the common Israelite to the High Priests of the temple. His message was singular…repent! Many of that crowd would be sure not to miss John that much. Little has changed since then.

I would not suggest any man leave children but if you find that your ex-wife wants you to stop seeing the children perhaps you might make the peace by agreeing. If your children are old enough perhaps you can write to them. I cry many tears and would be pleased to pray with you if you contact me.