The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress – Is It So Perfect?

There is a Bed Bug crisis spreading across the U.S. and Maine is no exception. Despite the fact that sanitation has little or nothing to do with Bed Bugs, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Price: You can find best mattress anywhere from a few dollars to a several thousand dollars. Keep in mind however that a decent mattress along with box springs will be somewhere around 300 dollars. Set your budget and stick to it. Do not allow a salesman to upgrade you with visions of no interest for 6 months or other marketing ploys.

Many people say Bragada offers well-made mattresses that can last for many long years which is an ideal choice for those who intend to use their mattress for a decade or so without experiencing sagging problems.

Memory foam was first utilized as a cushion for use in the US Space Program in the 1970’s. It did not last for long used as this purpose and was soon forgotten. It was reinvented in the 1980’s by a company in Sweden as a bonnell spring mattress.

If you are one of those who are close to banging their head for spending more than a thousand dollars for an uncomfortable spring mattress, there is hope for you still. You can always purchase a mattress topper.

The mattress should match the base. If the mattress and the base are the right combination, you will find that it provides optimal support for your posture. You should get a divan and a mattress if you don’t have a bedstead. If you already have a bedstead, you just have to get the mattress. Divan is suitable for people whose bedroom is crowded and has little space. It is not good to position the mattress on the floor because the cold can transfer to your back and cause aches.

An additional advantage, is that because it is so sturdy, it is not only suitable for use indoors; it can be also used in a tent in the summer, or in the awning of a camper. A universal useful and convenient sleeping place anytime, anyplace, any where.