The Top 10 Stress Relievers

With morning I arose to Cynthia’s heart song dance — uniquely different every time. I feel happy and alive today. Good. Secure. From this “Heart Song Dance” I realize movement is improvement. And sound and movement are good ways to change moods, physical structure of ones body…even ones emotional and mental state.

So we move to Buddhist meditation. Firstly it is important to say that many people meditate and that there are many forms of meditation. We shouldn’t get hung up on the particularly label ‘Buddhist’. However, Buddhist meditation has had around 2500 years to develop and mature and what has come out is a well structured approach. Let me first remove a preconception. Meditation is certainly not about learning to control your mind. If you set out to control your mind you will fail at the first fence. The mind is like a rough sea. The thoughts, ideas and emotions go crashing around on the surface. When we meditate we are striving to understand and listen to the cool calm blue waters underneath this chaotic surface.

Many years ago, I was very interested in what I had read about enlightenment and I wanted to discover it for myself. I explored many buddhist meditation baltimore and I was almost invariably invited to meditate in a certain way and believe in a set of beliefs that would ‘one day’ lead to my personal enlightenment.

If you’re like most people, you feel you already have awareness. Most people would swear to being fully aware all the time. This feeling, though compelling, is mistaken. On average, awareness is extremely low.

Outside of Huxley at night there could be a fire in the wood burning fireplace. A world renowned Schooner Operator could be playing classical guitar alone. While at the other end of the deck a couple of people are sipping tea or coffee. Others coming up from the baths refreshed and ready for sleep. Couple of raccoons vibrating calmly nearby as a mystical lady tells you to fear not. Their scent uniquely pungent still to my memory. Sounds of nature flourish. Sparks from the crackling fire fly up into the gentle breeze of the cool crisp evening toward the star filled universe surrounding us. Stratus clouds intermingle with silhouettes of tree branches.

Yet the changes we have made do make a difference. Studies show that many who lose weight do maintain 25% of the weight they lost. That’s important, because even a 10 pound loss reduces incidence of diabetes and heart disease. And we have discovered from research, that some specific things help folks maintain their healthy changes.

So don’t wait for flashes of inspiration to hit you like a thunder bolt, prime your goldmine and you will always produce gold. Creative juice will flow effortlessly and automatically with practice and priming your brain. You become a living magnet that attracts money, health, happiness, influence, protection and relationship because you are aligned with the energy of the universe where every good thing originates. The laws of the universe are the laws of success. It is in our heart and mind that God teaches us the secret to unlock the vault of the universe. It’s all within you waiting to be harnessed. “That’s GREAT (God Rewards Every Active Thinker),” says my friend, Ed Gray. Meditation is what makes the great, great and separates them from the rest.