Your First Eight Steps To Financial Security

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So, unless you have packages you must protect, a better choice would be either a front or a rear drop safe. If your customers have to drop things into your safe you can also order one with a deposit shoot that could extend through a wall.

Put your cell phone on ICE! Add a contact to your cell phone and name it: In Case of Emergency. Then list whom you would want to be contacted in the case you ended up in the hospital. Hospitals are now checking cell phones for emergency contacts.

But the contents of a watch safe box are rarely insured, while items in your home are typically covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.

Up until the FDIC was created in 1933, you really had to have a ton of trust in your bank if you were going to open of a certificate of deposit. Similarly to today, much of the trust had been eroded, and the FDIC was created to guarantee the deposits that the bank held. Up until last year CDs were guaranteed by the federal government up to $100,000. You can actually have far more insured if things are structured properly, but that is an article for another day. However, this last year, Congress passed, and President Bush signed into law a temporary increase to $250,000 that is set to expire 12/31/2009. So the first benefit, unlike your investments in the stock market, mutual funds, ETFs, etc., your principal is backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.

Upon arrival, place valuables in the hotel or motel safe if one is available. Do not flash large amounts of cash. Never leave cash, cameras, jewelry or other expensive items in your room unattended. Protect your room key and don’t leave it anywhere. Always use the double lock and chain when you are in the room.

2) You do not have to give staff the keys to this type of safe as they shouldn’t need to access the contents during the day. Obviously it is your call as to whether you want to leave the key with trusted personnel.

In the next article, we will look at Building a Profit-Making Website. As of now, I want you to be familiar with the five Essential Tools in this chapter. Please go ahead and register your web hosting and obtain your domain name, but once again, let me urge you to give the domain name a good thinking through before decided which. If you choose a wrong one at the beginning stage, fine, it only costs another US$10 or so to register another. But you need to make sure it is a domain name you want to own for years and years to come. Who knows, one day you may even sell that domain and the whole web business for $1 million? So, choose carefully.