5 Things Your Mom Should Have Taught You About High Flow Filter Cartridge

Swimming pool filter cartilages are generally used for filtering of undesirable materials from the filtration tube. There are different kinds of filters and also they vary widely according to their price as well as features.

Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge

Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge consists of 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers are carefully rotated together in order to create a correct slope density from external to internal surface. Filter cartridges are available either with core or without core variation. The remarkable structure is actually essential to the main body as well as even with hostile operating conditions it works correctly. Because the Polypropylene fibers are blown continuous on central molded core, there is no demand for binders, materials or lubricating substances.

Operation method: The unfiltered fluid passes through depth filter matrix and also hence it helps in withholding of the finer fragments. This provides much better efficiency, higher dust retention & filter life. The liquid blended with debris streams from outdoors to inside via filter tool. The dust bits are held securely in the filter matrix as well as the tidy fluid drains through the opposite side of the cartridge.

The main features of the pool filter cartridges are the following:

They are devoid of surfactants, binders and also adhesives
They allow an exceptional circulation with reduced stress drop
They have a high dust holding ability
They also have a high strength & stress resistance
They are made from 100 % Polypropylene for a wide chemical compatibility
Nominal & outright purification score is possible
Bag Filter Housing

Bag filter system is created for optimum purification operations. They are primarily beneficial for filtering substantial amounts of high thickness fluids. Bag filter is comprised of filter real estate, internal cage to sustain bags, filter bags, positive securing arrangement, & choice of end links. There is an inner assistance of the bag filter real estate which makes sure that the bag doesn’t rupture considering that a high differential pressure is developed throughout the procedure.


The unfiltered liquid enters the real estate as well as is distributed evenly on all sides of the filter bags. Purification occurs from inside to outside. Solid fragments are accumulated on the internal side of filter bag for simple removal. The filteringed system liquid loses consciousness via the electrical outlet pipe.

The main Features & Benefits:
o High price of circulation
o Pressure decline is reduced
o Excellent dirt retention capability
o Positive shutoff arrangement to shun bypassing
o Proper for PP Collar, Rigid Ring & Snap Band Bags

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