Got Fright? Kids’ Halloween Party Ideas

With these decorating ideas, you can decorate your dorm for Halloween on a shoe string budget. If you just use your imagination and follow these suggestions, you can transform your dorm into a Halloween landscape without costing a fortune.

Here for you are ten Halloween songs played most frequently during this lively season whether on the radio or at stores you may frequent. Some of them are very lyrical and nonsensical, while others are truly classics, but can be scary at times. I should warn you about that. With that said and done, here are the songs that seem to be on many people’s top ten list of songs for Halloween.

A different game which seems to popular is the building a scarecrow game. This entails having numerous groups of children make their scarecrow using pillow cases, old clothes, newspapers, cardboards, tapes or adhesives, and markers. You will have to set up some old clothes for this one. The children will certainly enjoy making something that often see in television and books.

Use your creativity, dim lighting, and stuff you have around the house to create your own haunted hollow. Enlist younger siblings as spooks and ghouls. Have a touch and feel chamber of horrors. Cut a hole in a shoe box big enough for party goers to reach in and feel the disgusting contents: peeled grape eyeballs, cold spaghetti guts, pumpkin innards as smashed brains, etc.

For halloween music you can download popular Halloween songs like Monster Mash and scary sounds for free off the internet click here for my article on the top 10 websites you can find free halloween background music free for your Halloween party. Lots of screams, doors creaking, wolves howling, great sounds for a scary graveyard. Once you download the songs you want, burn them to cd.

Make your own invitations. This website has premade designs and you can actually type the info for the party with date, times etc, into their form and it will generate the invitation for you already done, all you have to do is hit print.

Unexpected Scares: Make sure that there are always those ‘unexpected’ scary events at your party – whether before, during or after to spook your guests. With these planned scares, your party will be the talk of the town!