Increasing A Credit Score – Eliminate Charge Offs To Boost Your Credit Score

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I have found the best solution is to buy corporations and add business Primary Tradelines to them. How do you do that? Well, that’s for you to research. Nevertheless, you must always make sure that you work with legitimate sources. Is it easy? No, but success never is.

Make the minimum payment each month. The best way to avoid a charge-off is up to date with your payments. At the very least, make the minimum payment each month. Make debt repayment a priority and commit to doing this. Each month you are late with a payment or you can not make a minimum payment, you’re one month closer to having your be charged off.

As a quick re-cap, ways of improving credit score – try to have about 5 to 7 open high limit tradelines constantly working your credit. Do not charge more than 50% of your limits. Try to increase your limits when you can, but do not apply for a lot of credit on a constant basis. Oh and just in case the obvious was missed, pay these bills on time! You never want to pay a bill 30 days or more beyond it’s due date because that is when it is going to show up as a negative mark on your credit report.

Track where the money goes. You will be surprised to find that the money goes not only to rent or mortgage but to other smaller items as well. So get all your bank and credit card statements and go to the link for the budget spreadsheet down below this article where you can track your expenses and put in the amount of money coming in and going out. This way you will know where you are.

Take note that there are other factors being considered by credit card companies and agencies. The balance on your last statement is just one of them. So keep in mind that when you incurred a high balance even just one time, it can have a negative impact on your score.

Always monitor how you are managing your finances. You may have done well this year but things may change in the future. Always ensure you monitor your finances as there is no one else to blame but yourself if you slip back into bad habits.